Rosé Wine - what’s it all about?

Chris Richardson of Viva Vino explores the world of Rosé wines and suggests

six sumptuous summer selections

Rosé, Rosado, Rosato, some say it’s not really wine, others say it’s made just by mixing red and white together. Some think pink, some think blush, and of course there is the funny shaped bottles that hail from Portugal and there is also that pink stuff from California that’s called white! It can be quite confusing and is dismissed by many. In fact, my favourite wine book, The Wine Folly, has all variations of Pink listed just as one type, Rosé, how ludicrous! So, to start I am going to refer to these wines as PINK and there are several sub-categories, just as there are for white and red.                       

Click on link to see Chris' descriptions:

Château Gairoird Rosé, Côtes de Provence [Organic] 2019, £13

Bodegas Ontañón’s Clarete, £9.95

‘Les Cerisiers’, Côtes du Rhône Rosé 2019, £9.40

Romanian Calusari Pino Griogio, £7.75

Lunetta Rosé Spumante Brut, £10.75

Pierre Chainier ‘Sélection 1749’ Rosé d’Anjou, £8.75

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If you would like to try the above wines, a case of six (one bottle of each mentioned) is £59.60. To order, call Chris on 01536 770707 . Local deliveries are included in the price. /

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