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Catherine Miller owner of Millie & Co Hair and Beauty advises on lockdown dos and don'ts .....

As you've been unable to visit your hairdresser during lockdown, many have been worrying about their hair and hopefully not been tempted to let our better halves (ahem) to attack the fringe! Roots are on show and those fringes are now annoyingly long and hard to manage. The temptation will be there to grab a pair of scissors from the kitchen draw or buy a box dye and have a go yourself...DON'T DO IT!!


Fringes will invariably be cut too short and / or wonky. Professional hairdressers know the correct angles to take when cutting hair, your body and head need to be positioned in a certain way and angled correctly and if cutting hair whilst it is wet - it will shrink up when dried. Try pinning it with a pretty hair clip or wearing a head band instead. 


A box dye colour can easily go wrong! Much depends on your natural depth of hair and previous cosmetic colour history, all will most certainly affect the result when applying a box dye. 


It's more stress to yourself than if you left it alone. You'll live easer with your roots showing or a fringe that is too long than trying to live with a new colour that looks radioactive or a dodgy hair cut which no one can salvage it for you. 

As professional hairdressers we spend a minimum of 3 years training ensuring our clients have the best possible results. So, instead of thinking of a DIY hair cut or colour, our advice is to use this time during lockdown for hair-care. Those whom bleach their hair and use constant heat such as hairdryers and straighteners, now is the perfect time to pamper your hair eg: nice hair masque treatments or let your hair dry naturally, resting from harmful heat due to hairdryers and straighteners. 


Five ways you can help your hairdresser: 


1. Call your hairdresser for opening times, they may have changed. 

2. Pre book your next appointment, that way your hairdresser can start organising the salon's schedule. 

3. Wash your hands when entering and leaving the salon. 

4. Avoid touching objects of collective use. 

5. After your visit, show your hairdresser some love by writing an awesome review online!

Given the current state of Covid-19 and the government's latest approach to lockdown, salons are likely to re open no sooner than July 4th. We were hopeful and optimistic of an earlier time period, however we have been preparing our salon to ensure that we are in a position to provide safety to both our clients and our team.

When we re-open we will provide all of the necessary safety equipment: PPE such as Sanitiser, disposable protective masks, disposable gloves and disposable aprons etc but we’ve taken further steps to educate our team by completing courses based upon Covid-19 and the workplace, where I’m pleased to say that Millie & Co are certified to provide a safe and sterile environment. 

Contact Millie & Co Hair and Beauty on Tel: 01733 344900 or find on 

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