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Having to stay at home forces us to rethink a lot of the things we do. This would seem to be an opportune time to look at our wardrobes and consider re-assessing, editing and sorting the things we don’t need, that don’t fit and that we might have forgotten. 


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Where do you start?  I would suggest dealing with one ‘category’ at a time, rather than taking the approach of emptying everyone you own onto the floor and trying to wade through it all.  Start with something like nightwear, underwear, discarding anything which has seen better days.  Work through every section:- tops, jeans, dresses, coats and jackets, accessories and bags.


Generally, I look at everything with three questions in mind, 1. Does it fit me? 2. Do I LOVE it? 3. Does it flatter me/do I feel good when I wear this? If you don’t answer yes to all three, why is it in your wardrobe?


Shoes are always a challenge - they generally always fit, so we don’t have that easy filter to apply.  Be honest, do you have shoes, which, even though you may love, just hurt or pinch?  Get rid of these because you already know you’ll never wear them. Sort out footwear which needs re-heeling and put in a bag ready for when you can do that.  


Of the items you are letting go, sort into piles to sell (if you want to), give to charity, recycle (don’t throw into landfill), or give away.

Storage:I like to hang similar items together, so dresses, jumpsuits then skirts, trousers and so on. It’s hugely satisfying to hang in colour order too and use thin velvet hangers to maximise space.  Fold t-shirts and sweatshirts and jeans/casual trousers, and stack so you can see them at a glance.  For knitwear, I’m always worried about moths, so I tend to store in large boxes which are clear. If you have space, keep shoes in boxes and bags in their dust covers to preserve their life.


Result: It’s so rewarding to be able to see everything you have, easier to find an outfit and wear more of what you own. You’ll probably rediscover things you fall in love with again, and that’s just as good as a bit of retail therapy!

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