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As the leaves fall, make sure your fitness doesn't!

I hope you've had a wonderful summer. It's a splendid time of year with everything in bloom, fat with life and optimism. 


Being more active, daily exercise and eating healthily all seem a tad easier in the summer months, but how do we keep that going as the nights draw in and the weather deteriorates?


If it's dark and cold outside the last thing we want to do is go out exercising in it.  Plan your workouts into your day either before or after work. Drive straight to the gym after work, it can be very tempting to go straight home and nestle on the sofa. 


Map out a home workout routine and timetable in the days you can do it.  The most effective workouts use large movements like squats, star jumps, push ups and burpees.  Start with what is achievable and then push yourself a little more each time you workout.


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One of the best ways, if heading to the gym or working out at home is a struggle, is just to simply move more.  Take the stairs rather than a lift, use the car a little less, and maybe head for a bike ride.  When the pools reopen, join one. Swimming is a wonderful way to build fitness whilst minimising impact on our joints.


Being more active without it being classed as your workout time goes a long way in burning more calories and keeping our fitness levels up.  Workouts don't have to be punishing hour long sessions.  Rather, breaking them down into a few minutes at various times a day so it fits in with your schedule all helps.  This is totally achievable for everyone!


Use an accountability partner, a training buddy.  Set your goal, maybe it's to hit 10,000 steps five days a week, maybe it's to go out for a walk for half an hour three times a week.  Whatever it is, make sure it's something you enjoy and stick to it.


Best wishes & good luck,



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