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Outdoor Living with


Outdoor socialising will continue

long into the autumn



The New Normal!

Enhancing our internal living space has always been important to us Brits as the home is a haven where we can escape daily stresses and entertain our loved ones. As the outdoor living trend continues to grow, largely due to our current circumstances, people are looking to seek that same feeling from their external living space.

The average exterior garden used to consist of a patio, shed and a BBQ but, as restrictions continue, the 2020 home owner is becoming more imaginative and adding features that will provide the ultimate relaxing entertainment space for their social bubble. 

As the summer season draws to a close, al fresco dining remains popular and thus solar lighting and fire pits are very much in demand to ward off the darker and chillier autumnal evenings.


Outdoor Wicker And Palm Roof Bar, £850.00


LED Outdoor Light String With Clips, £49.00


Solar Outdoor Lamp with Metal Base, £95.00


Tall Iron Fire Pit With Handles, £250.00


Clip on LED Solar Parasol Lights, £29.00


Large Bamboo Hanging Lantern, £59.00


Moroccan Solar Lantern, £29.00 each


LED Solar Lantern Chain, £22.00


Portable Steel Barbecue, £69

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