Taste Explosion: Bread Meat Cheese

Eat seasonal, eat local, eat delicious!

Summer is a great time to be a cook, celebrating the abundant bounty of the season. Punnet after punnet of juicy berries, every shade of verdant green herbs, leaves, lettuces and just-picked peas, beans, asparagus and courgettes. There are glistening fresh fish and grass-fed meats. 


The key to enjoying summer is to react to what’s available, respect the ingredients and do as little to them as possible.  This is not the time to spend hours in a hot kitchen; it’s time to let the produce speak for itself.

Here are a few ideas for a weekend lunch:

  • Tomato and cucumber martini to start

  • Local asparagus, boiled duck egg and bacon salt or simply grilled asparagus with shaved Poacher cheese

  • Fresh as you can get grilled mackerel with pickled cucumber

  • Rump of lamb with scorched bay gem lettuces

  • Rolled pork belly with roasted nectarines or a gooseberry chutney

  • Barbequed courgettes, basil, chilli and burnt lemon

  • A Pimms trifle with lots of local strawberries and mint or just a bowl of mixed berried and cream or sprinkle of white balsamic vinegar


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