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Where do those words we see all over wine lists come from for describing wines? It’s simple, go for a walk in spring and early summer, you will be surrounded by aromas and sensations that will remind you of a crisp New Zealand Sauvignon, a Southern French Rosé, even a ripe South African Chenin. “surely not” I hear you say, this is nonsense….......well maybe not.

As the Hawthorn and Blackthorn flower, the Alexandria crowds the roadside, trees blossom, Apple, Cherry et al, burst forth.  Take a moment, in this new “pollution free” world, to savour every aroma. As we gallop towards summer, wild meadows, green wheat, cut-grass and hay fields, will all take you to your favourite wine, if you close your eyes, open your mind, and breathe deeply!

The natural world is the essence of wine. Grapes are natural, the vines flower, and the warm soils of Bordeaux, Provence & Tuscany, the Andean plains of Argentina, even England, all have their own wine aromas and identities, not factories and bottling plants!


Make positive use of these times we live in. Eat and drink well, cook adventurously, using local, fresh ingredients. Try to drink better, but less, pause for a moment before placing your wine next to muesli and kitchen roll in the shopping trolley, pick up the phone to an Independent Wine Merchant, ask them for advice, tell them what you like, if they are good, and there are many, you will soon have a great relationship with them and drinking wines you never thought existed; enjoy the journey together.

Wine Senses are as much emotions and memories as actual sensations. Go out into the World, see, hear and smell what is around you, it will remind you of a favourite wine or time with friends and family, sharing and enjoying. “How that “Skylark” ascending reminds me of a fresh Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc”……..a step too far? Maybe, maybe not………..

Wines we recommend for Spring & Summer:

Mas La Chevalière, Rosé IGP Pays d'Oc, Languedoc, France, £9.95

Produced mostly from the organic Roqua Blanca site on schistous soils ideal for this Syrah-Grenache blend. The high altitude here maintains the aromatics and freshness, supported by whole-bunch pressing to make a delicate style of rosé.

  • Grape Varieties: 60% Grenache, 30% Syrah, 10% Cinsault


Cirro, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2018, New Zealand, £11.95

From the upper, middle and lower Awatere Valley, small, family Vineyards brought together to produce a beautiful NZ Sauvignon as it should taste. Zingy, fresh, light, but with longer, more complex flavours. Will make you smile and think of spring and summer days.

Cristobal “Los Pueblos” (the place, the people) 2017,


A revolutionary “Bordeaux Blend” from Mendoza, with an Argentinian twist. 50% Malbec, 50% Cabernet & Merlot. Medium bodied, aromatic and flavoursome, with good concentration and long finish. A wine for all-seasons, Los Pueblos Classic blend is a versatile red, with no compromise, to enjoy any time, BBQs, home-made anything, pastas et al, or on its own

(Delivery £6.95 per 6 bottles)

Special Reader offer

2 bottles of each, delivered safely to your door, £66 per 6 bottles inc. delivery

To order: 07740 733199

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