Local Student Raising Money for NHS via Portraits

Ella Deregowska has been raising money for the NHS with  her artwork.  Says Ella, “It all started as some of my friends were requesting portraits of their pets, friends and family members while I was bored and stuck inside with little to do. I felt inspired by all the fundraising activities going on at the moment and I thought this would be a great way to get involved. All you have to do to help me help out the NHS is:

  • Send me a screenshot to prove that you’ve donated

  • Send me a photo or a couple of photos that you like

  • Send me your address so I can post my work to you


I’ve enjoyed working with new ideas and really putting my painting skills to the test while trying to produce the best work I can for people that have donated. And so far, it has become a far bigger project than I ever anticipated, raising over £270 in just a couple of weeks and with much more excitement to come! I am so grateful to everyone that has supported me so far.”


Find Ella @bigyikesart on instagram

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Ella - self portrait


The mystery behind the age-old problem of missing school socks has been solved by mother-of-two, Sarah Webb, from Rutland.


Sarah’s odd-socks-solution is revolutionising laundries and school cloak rooms around the country. It's also paved the way for a successful family business that puts family, and of course socks, first.


Said Sarah, “When a friend came to stay, the socks he was wearing had his name stitched into them. I thought, they’d be great for school kids - no more unnamed socks floating around the school, no more name labels scratching kids legs, they’d be easy to sort out after washing and no more sewing name labels into school socks ever again. With that thought in my head, and a burning desire to start a business, SCHOOLSOX.COM was launched." 


Through SCHOOLSOX.COM, parents order customised socks with their child's name knitted into the sock as it is manufactured, and then delivered to their door. 


To join the school sock revolution, visit SCHOOLSOX.COM.

Anglian Water Festival Postponed to 2021

The upcoming Anglian Water Music Festival has been postponed until the summer of 2021.


Said the organisers, “We understand customers may be frustrated, but we believe this is a necessary and sensible precaution to ensure the wellbeing of colleagues and festival goers. With this in mind, we are happy to announce that the festival will go ahead 12 - 13 June 2021 at Rutland Water Park. Those visitors who have bought tickets for this year’s event can choose whether to defer their booking until next year, or claim a full refund. Refunds can be claimed via Eventbrite, but if we don’t hear from you by Monday 31st August, your ticket will automatically be rolled over to next year’s festival”.


More info at: anglianwaterparks.co.uk/anglian-water-music-festival

X Factor Matt Terry to headline at Anglian Water Festival 2021
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