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Hanna is a personal performance coach who is currently exploring the notion of conquering fear. For more information and videos log on to:

We all need fear in our lives for protection. We need to observe it, break it down and decide how to respond to it. The danger is how we react if we haven’t got the skills to respond in an emotionally intelligent way.

If I hadn’t embraced fear, I wouldn’t have left Poland or learned another language. It would have been much easier to stick to a familiar language, culture, friends and family. Had I not overcome my fear of the unknown, you wouldn’t be reading this article; firstly because it would not have been in English and, secondly, because the fear of rejection could have prevented me from submitting it.

I speak to a lot of people about how to build motivation. If I was to diagnose what the main obstacle in their progress is, in most cases, it's procrastination. And procrastination doesn’t necessarily boil down to laziness or lack of planning. Regardless of the reasons, research shows that procrastination makes people experience a sense of guilt, shame and anxiety. It affects people’s mental wellbeing. It also makes them underperform. The consequences of procrastination are a waste of time, money and talent. It’s a waste of dreams.

It’s vital to understand that procrastination and fear are the eternal lovers and they work in a tandem. That’s why part of beating procrastination will be by conquering fear, one of the biggest mental barriers. It’s not about stopping yourself from feeling the fear, but about developing strategies to conquer it.

{'The fears we don’t face become our limits’ - Robin Sharma}

There are many practical steps you can take - the most fundamental ones are defining what matters to you, which may require some self-exploration and development of life skills (emotional intelligence and helpful thinking strategies). It’s about understanding the difference between what’s worth pursuing and what’s not and why. It’s about embracing commitment, the unknown and change. It’s about being able to build your own motivation, beating procrastination and saying no to fear.  It’s about understanding that, regardless of the circumstances, we have a choice as to how we respond.

If you would like to understand more about the correlation between fear and procrastination and how to conquer fear, why not to join one of my interactive talks on fear or procrastination? Check out my home page for what’s coming.

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