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 - with Alex Russo

Lockdown Workouts: Make the Most of Movement

Oh how the world has changed since our last issue.  I hope you and all our readers are safe, healthy and well as we navigate these times.


Exercise and daily activity is essential for health, mental well-being and can help stabilise our days that have been tossed into our new home-based lives.


I would encourage you to exercise outside where possible.  The fresh air invigorates the soul and some sun on our skin will help us make vitamin D which can help support a robust immune system.


Aim for a full body workout that targets your chest, back, thighs, hamstrings and core.  Balancing each muscle group is important for posture, flexibility and overall fitness.


Below are some movements you could incorporate into your exercise time.


Perform these movements three times, for 30-45 seconds, giving yourself 45-90 seconds rest (or as needed) after each set.


Listen to your body - you should feel like you're working at 7-8 out of 10.  If you're new to this, start cautiously and gradually build up.  Always warm up first with a brisk walk and some simple stretches.  Don't 'bounce' on stretches.

1 Squats

2 Romanian Deadlift

3 Forward Lunge

4 Push Ups

5 Swimmer Kicks

6 Back Extension

7 Side Stretch

  1. Squats - add in a jump on the way up for an extra challenge.

  2. Romanian Deadlift - with a resistance band. Use two buckets of water or something else at home to add weight.

  3. Forward Lunge - targets thighs and glutes, keep your body upright and chest proud.

  4. Pushups - targets chest and arms.  On knees, full body or one-legged are variations.

  5. Swimmer Kicks - head up, core engaged, legs straight.

  6. Back Extension - targets lower back.  Back pain is often associated with weakened muscles. 

  7. This is a nice yoga based stretch I like to incorporate at the end of a workout alongside other stretches.

These movements can be done one after the other or all three at once before moving onto the next. 


The most important thing is we do something we enjoy, be it walking, running, cycling or the activities here. But most of all, have fun, stay safe and have a pleasant summer.


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