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Bolllicine (3 x lll) is derived from the word bollicine (bubbles). The vines are located to the eastern side of Veneto, Italy.


Bolllicine came about because of a game played in a garden where bottles of sparkling wine were opened with the corks propelled across the garden. The distance travelled by each cork was measured. The furthest distance was marked with a small flag with 2 Ls. Chardonnay Riesling di Bolllicine then beat the ‘record’ and was noted with 3 Ls on the flag. Other Bolllicine products followed, with unique designs and high-quality, defined by organic contact and methods of production.

Wines Include:

  •  Violè – Spumante Rosato Extra Dry (Grapes: Pinot Nero). Aged for at least 36 months, this produces a full-bodied, floral flavour. 

  • The Green-Spumante Extra Dry Millesimato (Grapes: Pinot Blanco, Verduzzo) has 60 days fermentation, using the Charmat Method. An elegant, fruity wine.

  • Prosecco-DOC Extra Dry (Grapes: Glera) is sparkling and fresh. An all-round, everyday pleaser, this wine needs little introduction. It has a fruity bouquet and good tropical fruit flavours.

  • Chardonnay & Riesling – Spumante Brut Millesimato (Grapes: Chardonnay, Riesling Renano) is a fruit-inspired production that has 180 days of fermentation using the Charmat Method.   

Stunning extra virgin olive oils, honey, meats, autentic Italian pasta and aged  vinegars are also available for delivery.  

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